Aurèle / Bangkok Art Biennale

Aurèle / Bangkok Art Biennale

Annina Roescheisen

Annina Roescheisen

Yassine Mekhnache

Yassine Mekhnache

Virginie Caillet

Virginie Caillet

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Xavier Deshoulières

Artiste Ouvrier

Artiste Ouvrier

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Pierre Ziegler

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Artiste Ouvrier & Zeto

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Exhibitions & Artfairs


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Solo Show /Opening April 18TH

Aurèle, also known by his creative pseudonym of Aurèle LostDog, is a renowned French artist who has been gaining a lot of public attention in recent times for his sculpture and installation works. Aurèle is primarily recognized for his LostDogs series, a collection of giant sculpted bull terriers that represent the displaced state of mankind.

His "LostDog" is a trademark, his yellow a color of hope. Aurèle is the prototype of a generation of artists without any complexes or moods, driven by on-the-ground action more than by a simple arty attitude, a way of being more that a way of showing.

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HOLLY STENCIL WOOD is “ARTISTE OUVRIER” first solo show in Los Angeles!


Regarded as the most talented stencil artist of his generation (according to the press), ARTISTE OUVRIER (AO) is an internationally acclaimed street artist with a career of over twenty years.


Born in 1972 as Pierre-Benoit Dumont, the Los Angeles-based French street artist known as ARTISTE OUVRIER (AO) has swiftly moved in to being one of the top stencil artists in the world.


He is widely recognized for his refined hand-sprayed stencil works, which contain a high level of details and its vibrant colors. He is very much influenced by the art of the 19th century, in particular Pre-Raphaelite painting and the Art Nouveau. 


Tuesday to Sunday - 10AM to 4PM

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On view till February 17th 





"If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you." ~ Yogi Bhajan


What are the Ten Bodies?

The truth is that the human body is made up of ten bodies: the physical body, three mental bodies, and six energy bodies. The eleventh embodiment – when all ten bodies are under your direction – produces a pure state of consciousness when you have the ability to see all events as God’s Play and recognize the God in all.

You can visualize your various bodies as layers of clothing, the physical body being the overcoat you wear for a lifetime. We know we have a physical body; we can see it, touch it, and feel it. We also have other bodies that are equally real, if not more so. 


Virginie Caillet and Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga arrived in the life of Artist Virginie Caillet a few months after November  2015 Paris terrorists attacks at the “Bataclan Theater”, in which she lost her longtime companion.

This very powerful Yoga allowed her to work on all the emotions stuck in her body after this terrible event.

The series of paintings reflects some of the most famous postures that concentrate on movement and breathing, as well as on the duality that one can feel when facing of the worst of situations.

Bend or arch ... hide or expose yourself ... collapse or straighten up ... die to be reborn ... but always keeping this feminine sensuality dear to the artist…

The gallery is now open!


Some will tell me that these are very strange times to open a new business, especially an art gallery while galleries are trying to survive all over the world, others that I am totally insane, but I am very optimistic and hopeful that things will get better very soon.

In my opinion there is no better time to acknowledge the human need of art in these difficult moments. 

Even though the virus has been pretty effective in shutting things down around us, the arts can ground us in a way that nothing else can.

Art connects us meaningfully even when we are apart.

“If you think artists are useless, try to spend your quarantine without music, books, poems, movies and paintings ...” The quote went viral on social networks for the last few weeks, but could you really imagine a world without art? I cannot.

Art & Artists Are Essential; art making is also an act of hope during these uncertain times and that is why we want to keep supporting artists by showing the outstanding work of the many talented ones we represent at the gallery.

Our schedule is still up in the air as you can imagine, but we will come back soon with some news and an opening date, probably set for the summer 2020.

We are looking forward to welcome you all; Angelenos, savvy or new collectors, art amateurs and artists, for a drink surrounded by beautiful art!


Owner Statement

Now representing XAVIER DESHOULIERES !

XAVIER DESHOULIERES. Born in 1969 in Poitiers.

Lives and works in Paris and Palma de Mallorca.

"I’m always working on the same thin, tight canvas. This canvas is my support and will carry the light of the painting. By monochromic strokes and friction, I bring up the subject. Slowly pushing the contrasts I reveal the materials of the landscape to understand its structure. When I do not understand it I invent it. By detail the whole painting is drawn." 


Artist Statement

ARBRE CORAIL. 65 X 81 cm. Oil on canvas. 2018


DENNIS MURAGURI, b. 1980, Naivasha Kenya, lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dennis Muraguri is a Nairobi-based multidisciplinary artist whose practice spans the mediums of printmaking, sculpture, video and installation in varying combinations. Muraguri has beengaining recognition for his imagery of matatus – privately owned vans and mini-buses that are the main mode of public transportation in Kenya - and the culture that has developed around them in his work.

Muraguri's woodcut prints reference both Nairobi’s urban culture and international popular culture using of graffiti, music and politics depicted on these real life matatus.

Next exhibition : BOLD SCHOOL / October 3rd-17th / Paris, FRANCE. Curated by Vanessa Virag


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