Born1982 in Germany.
Lives and works in NYC & Paris.



Master’s degree in the History of Art, Philosophy and Folklore from Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich.
EBC (European Business College) Diploma, Munich.



As a multimedia artist, Annina Roescheisen’s work makes use of several different types of media: video, photography, installations and sculptures. Using visual metaphors, she tackles general subjects on human relationships, behaviour, communication, as well as childhood topics, traumata’s, fairytale issues and their symbolism, spiritual transformation, etc. Her rich and complex universe reflects great sensitivity and is characterized by a quest for authenticity and poetry. Nourished by an imagery of ancient centuries, Annina Roescheisen achieves to translate her ideas by her own specific visual and symbolic language. Iconography from the past imprinted with religious imagery, visual interpretations and poetic staging, the different mediums interact and compose a single identity. This identity finds its’ roots as well in her childhood, as also in Middle Age issues, allegories and imagery. Her artwork shows thus a great power of non-verbal communication. Her obsession with words is not only reflected in her graved sculptures; they are the roots of recurrent and repetitive messages that the artist planted like grains in the seeds of her artwork.



New Era - Group Show - Vanessa Virag Art. Dec 2nd to Dec 24th, Paris (France.)

Womanity Foundation, Gala, Charity Auction, 4th of February 2016, Geneva (Switzerland).
Systema Occam, performance with Xavier Veilhan, 8th of June – 9th of June 2016, Nantes (France).





VENICE BIENNALE, Gaaf Foundation, Palazzo Bembo, European Pavilion, 9th of May – 11th of November, 2015, Venice, (Italy).


Solo Exhibition, Elliott Levengluck Gallery, 4th of November - 1st of December 2015, NYC (USA).


Group Exhibition, Frank Pages Gallery, 13th of November 2015 – 19th of December 2015, Geneva (Switzerland).


Group Exhibition, Thomas Erber – Cabinet of Curiosity, Colette & Palais Royal, Galerie Molière, 23rd of November 2015 – 31st of December 2015, Paris (France).



Personal exhibitions :
Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, 2015, St.Mary’s Abbey, York, UK.

Espace Gloow, 2014, Paris.
Gallery Art Cube, 2013, Paris.
Gallery Alcazar, 2013, Paris.
Gallery La Baleine Project, White cube, 2013, Paris.


Joint exhibitions :

Art Up, 2014, Lille (France).
Fair in Off, Off - Fiac, 2014, Paris.


Performance :

With Xavier Veilhan & Elian Radigue, “Systema Occam”, 2013 – 2014 – 2015 - 2016.

  • Delacroix Museum, September 2014, Paris

  • Hermès Foundation, November 2013, Paris

  • FIAF, French Alliance Institue, September 2013, New York.

  • Marseille Mamo, Le Courbusier, June 2013, Marseille. 









Vanessa Virag

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75010 Paris, France.

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